Daniele De Rossi believes it’s only the machines which can give you the perfect result all the time, a player won’t. An error is not impossible from a player regardless of his level of efficiency.

Rossi’s teammate Buffon embarrassed himself last night when he missed a routine kick which probably any naive goalie playing at the school or the University level would also connect.
With no connection between the ball and Buffon’s boot, a goal for Spain, the opponent side, was inevitable as one of their players did the formality of putting the ball in.

As per Rossi, his emotions would be different if that error had happened from Buffon when he was in his club shirt and not in the country’s shirt, but, he feels for him because he hasn’t had such kinds of moment during his two decades of national service.

Rossi also stresses that he can’t remember a better shot stopper in the game to date than his veteran compatriot.
De Rossi was quoted as saying, “Look, you have to expect an error or two even from somebody of Buffon’s class.’
“Nothing can be flawless other than the machines and he, to his credit, has been flawless on many occasions, not on this occasion of course, but, it’s okay.”

“If I reflect on the whole match, I thought we didn’t really go at Spain until they put one on the board. Once they got one up, we started pushing and started taking the game to their half which we could do much earlier.”

“We were not aiming a draw, but, we earned it from a difficult position. That’s the DNA of this Italian team, to fight, fight and fight and when you fight with all your power, something good comes out more often than not.”