Daniele De Rossi is not a big fan of players keeping themselves engaged on social media all the time.

As per De Rossi, some of the youngsters just remain glued to their phones even when they are in the dressing room. They start live-streaming themselves from there to give some sort of message to their fans and followers and do stuffs like that and that is so annoying because dressing room is actually a place where you want everyone to be focussed and thinking about the game only.

However De Rossi understands that it happens in all the generations. The players who are from the previous generation will always feel as if the players of the current generation do things differently and the way things were done during their time was better.

The Italian legend says that when he was a youngster, his seniors would probably get annoyed by the lifestyle of him and his mates and now he is getting annoyed by the lifestyle of the current youngsters and even the current youngsters would get annoyed by the lifestyle of their juniors. It’s just how life goes

De Rossi has happened to be one of those rare top Footballers who never played either in the English top flight or in the Spanish top flight, the two biggest leagues in Europe and probably the two biggest in the world as well and that’s because he always remained committed to the club he learnt his Football at which is Roma.

While De Rossi confesses that not being able to have the taste of English or Spanish League makes him feel regretful sometimes, he says that his emotional connection with Roma was so strong that it was just not possible for him to part ways with the club.