Daniele de Rossi has stated that he is proud to play for Roma.

He said that only fans and players would understand how it feels to play for such a club and that he does not have any regret to have played for a single team all his life. He said that it is rare to see a player stay at a club for so long in modern football but personally he likes what he has achieved with the club.

He said that he is following the footsteps of Francesco Totti who has also spent all his life at the club and Daniele de Rossi has stated that he is not going to retire before the captain. He admits sometimes he think what life would have been if he had agreed to move to bigger clubs but he said that he has no regret as it is a decision that he has taken in his heart.

He stated that it is probably the fact that he has been born in Rome that causes the passion in his heart. He said that all that he wants to do is to represent the club and fight for the fans. He said that although he can get passionate crowds at foreign clubs such as Chelsea and Liverpool, it will not be the same as the passion displayed by the Roman fans. He said playing for Roma allow him to play in front of his friends and relatives, and this can be a great motivation for a player.

Daniele de Rossi said that Roma fans had rewarded him for his loyalty to the club by the support they have shown throughout the years, and he hoped that he had repaid them through his performance on the pitch.