Daniele de Rossi has been performing with As.Roma since the start of his career back on 2001 and ever since then, the Italian player has managed to become one of the most influential players of the club who has made over 350 appearances for As.Roma but at the age of 32, he is reaching the twilight stages of his career.

The veteran midfielder still continues being a regular starter for his club but at his elevated age, rumors are beginning to circulate as to which club Daniele de Rossi will join after his contract with As.Roma arrives.

Major League Soccer is quickly becoming the football destination that senior player join and now Daniele de Rossi has joined the bandwagon of rumors. LA Galaxy is believed to be preparing an offer of around €7m that could lure the veteran midfielder away from Italy and into the American club.

The contract of Daniele de Rossi runs up at the end of the next season and if As.Romadecides to not renew his contract, the experienced player will have to start considering his options and this is why making a move to the MLS is not a far-fetched event that could happen in the near future.

The American league has lured big name players such as: David Beckham, Thierry Henry, David Villa and Andrea Pirlo. All of these have been players that are either still playing in the MLS or used to perform in the past and one of the main reasons of why high profile performers do this is because of the high wages that the MLS offer to their designated players and the MLS isn’t as competitive or an intense league compared to others, which is great for the veteran performers who can’t continue performing at the same pace as they did back in their younger careers.