Since 2004, Petr Cech has been the undisputed first choice goalkeeper of Chelsea as the veteran shot-stopper continues to play at world-class levels which have helped the Premier League on being on one of top spots of the English league.

The 31 years old goalkeeper has even helped Chelsea on lifting the Champions League as they defeated Barcelona in 2011 and Cech played a crucial role as he denied Messi and the rest of the attacking forces of the Spanish club from scoring.

Petr Cech’s position in Chelsea is now being threatened with Thibaut Courtois enjoying a superb time with Athletic Madrid and now he is one of the younger gems that just about any club around the world wants to sign.

Courtois is going through his 3rd loan spell with the Spanish club Athletic Madrid but he is expected to return to Chelsea at the end of the current season which means that Mourinho will have 2 world-class goalkeepers at his disposal. The sports website bresil mexique odds reckons that Courtois will win out at the end of the day.

Cech voiced his opinion about Courtois as the Czech goalkeeper stated that he is not scared about Courtois returning to the club.

“If, on the first day of pre-season, Thibaut Courtois is here, he is here. If he is not, he is not. It does not change anything. I will still have to do better than whomever else is here, to keep my place’’.

“It doesn’t change anything for me. You could ask John Terry or Gary Cahill about the very promising French central defender bought by the club. If he comes back and he’s better than me, credit to him, well done to him, but who knows? I’m not afraid. I’m not a fool to think I’ve been here 10 years and I’ll be here another five, just because’’. Petr Cech revealed.

The future of Courtois remains unclear however as he is being taken into consideration by Mourinho as he can be used as bait in order to lure in Diego Costa from Athletic Madrid.