Kylian Mbappe probably makes no secret for playing on Real Madrid’s team which is known to coach Zinedine Zidane as well. Being a PSG forward, he might be a good asset for Real Madrid as well. However, until now, no firm talks have started about the Frenchman‘s move to this team.

It is apparent that the Frenchman is open to signing on with a new team or a new project. He has scored about 33 goals in the total 29 appearances he has made in Ligue 1 for his team PSG in the year 2018-19. He has been moved to Paris in 2017 which, as per Vadim Vasilyev, former vice president of Monaco, was the right choice since giving him a switch to Santiago Bernabeu would have been too early.

Zidane was asked at a press conference whether he feels Mbappe would be suitable for Madrid. He stated that it was up to the player to decide. He is at present playing for PSG and hence he will probably make a change in the near future. Meanwhile, Madrid is gearing up to meet PSG in the penultimate game. It would be the finals on November 26th and it is evident that Tuchel’s side will try and reach the top position. The match would be a home one for Zidane’s team. He states that they are happy about it but realizes the responsibility that comes with a match of the Champions League status. However, he is hopeful that they would be putting up a good game and that they would be well prepared.

He states that it is important that the teams come in good shape and that the game is a good one for the fans. They need to see their teams playing well and that is what both teams would be aiming for.


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