Brisbane Roar edged a 2-1 victory over Adelaide United on March 8 as they played at the Suncorp Stadium and the positive result for Brisbane Roar has given them a 10 point lead over their nearest rivals.

The head coach of the club, Mike Mulvey stated that they have worked hard in order to get at the top of the league.

“Yes, we’ve got a bit of a lead, we accept that situation gladly” he told a Sports News website.

“We’ve worked damned hard for it. We’ve really, since I think June the third, have rolled out sleeves up, come in and set this opportunity up for ourselves, and as I said to the lads today, there’s a door open now, are we going to step through it? And I think we really stepped through it today.” Mulvey said.

The team of Mike Mulvey came out as the victorious side during their match against Adelaide United but during that match they were denied from a goal and according to the English coach, the goal would have counted if goal technology was utilized.

“That technology exists and we should see if we could get it here,” he said.

“Maybe it’s a little bit pricey but things like that are things of beauty – a strike from 30 meters and it’s 2-0, it changes the game. I can be quite calm about it because we’ve won the game but there’s going to be a time, an instance, where it will cost a coach a game or a place in the finals and it’s not right in today’s day and age.” Mulvey added.

The club is also being linked with As.Roma’s Francesco Totti as Brisbane Roar would like the Italian player to make the same kind of impact that Del Piero made since arriving to Sydney FC.